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Wright Bros. requires that all Subcontractors be prequalified to be eligible to contract work with our company.


WB is seeking out qualified subcontractors to meet current requirements of upcoming projects. Please take time to read and submit all supporting documentation that is required for the specific scope of work and project that you are seeking to work on.


If you are a subcontractor that has worked with WB in the past, please contact us to make sure that all of your contact information is current. We require that all reference letters from your bonding company be current within the last 6 months. This letter should state your single and aggregate project limits and your average bond rate.


If you are new to working with WB please submit the supporting documentation listed under the prequalification list. All documents are required before we can begin the process of verifying your application. Please email the Third Party prepared financial statement in pdf. format.


Please submit infomation as soon as possible and allow 2 - 3 weeks prior to bid date for prequalification information to be reviewed and approved.


All information is kept strictly confidential and used only for prequalification purposes.


Should you have any questions regarding your application, please contact us at


We thank you for your interest and look forward to welcoming you to the Wright Team!

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